Sisters Of Charity of Jesus and Mary

Delhi Province

History Of Indian Province

The history of our missionary presence in India is a story of 122 years experience of being called by a loving Father, to reveal the primacy of God's love in the different parts of the country, among people of different cultures, languages, and religions according to the signs of the time.

As an independent Province the SCJM family spread its branches far and wide. In response to the signs of the times, we responded to God's call in various parts of the country, in particular to the call of the tribal population in Chotanagpur.

The Province continued to grow, expand and mature and this expansion brought about the need for division again, for greater apostolic efficacy, better animation and administration. Thus the Indian Province was divided into two independent Provinces in 1993: Delhi and Ranchi. But the fact still remains; Delhi Province is spread over the whole length and breadth of the country.

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